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Taking the development of Nanattan  Division  to enhance the living standard of the  people towards sustainable development.


Co-ordinate and guide  the  activities  of the  division and  division  level Institutions  towards  Development of the division and to improve the performance so as to deliver the service efficiently and  effectively in fulfilling the  aspirations of the  Government and expectations of the people in satisfying their needs with care and  concern  and also with  cost effectiveness  equity and speed.

Objectives :

The  main  objectives  of  Divisional Secretariat are the   Co-ordination  of Government  Activities of the Division ,caring out the functions delegated by various legal  enactments and formulation, monitoring and implementation of socio  economic development projects....

Specific functions  for the  achievements of the Objectives:

* Co-ordination of Government Activities and performance of the functions delegated by law through officers and organizations at village and  Divisional levels.

*  Acting as an agent of  the  other Ministries  Departments.

* Collection of revenue.

*  Implementation  of the Decentralized Budget Programme  and other  development activities.

*  Assisting the Provincial Council in its activities and in implementation of its foreign funded projects.




Mannar district is situated in the North – West of Sri Lanka. This district can be classified into two parts, main land area and the island area. Northern and Eastern boundaries of mainland are Kilinochi district and Vavuniya district respectively, Anuradhapura and Puttalam districts are southern boundaries of the main land. The mainland of Mannar district is lies in the Gulf of Mannar in the western point and connected by a causeway with a distance of 4Km from the main land.

The Mannar district is divided into 3 Divisional Secretariat divisions and 2 Asst. Government Agent’s division.

Nanattan divisional secretariat division is one of the 3 divisional secretariat division of Mannar district and located in the main land area of the district. (See map 1). It is situated in the south west part of the district. The area of the division is 134.24 sq Km. Mannar Divisional secretariat division and Manthai Asst. Government Agent Division are the Northern boundaries of the division. The eastern boundary of the division is Madhu Asst. Government Agent division, Southern boundary is Musali and Western boundary is Indian Ocean.

The distance between the Mannar town, Jaffna, Colombo, and the Nanattan division Are 19 Km, 130 Km and 298 Km respectively.

Mannar- Vankalai- Nanattan, Murunkan-Nanattan, Nannatan – Uyilankulam - Mannar, and Murunkan -Silawathurai are the main roads of Nanattan divisional secretariat division. (Map 2).

For more details, Please Contact Us...  Divisional Secretary Nanattan : 0233233491

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